How Do I

What should I do if I observe a possible water main break or sewer back-up?

To report a water main break or sewer back-up, please call YCUA seven days a week, 24 hours a day at 734-484-4600 or 734-544-7316.

What should I do if my sewer is backing up in my house or business?
         Please download our Information for a Homeowner when a Sewer Backup Occurs. This document provides necessary information on how a sewer backup occurs including liability of the municipality or wastewater authority and what to do if you have a sewer backup.  Please visit YCUA's general sewer backup information webpage. 

What should I do if my street catch basin or storm drain is backed up causing my street to flood?
          If you live in the City of Ypsilanti, call the City Department of Public Works at 734-483-9510. If you live in the Township of Ypsilanti, call the Washtenaw County Drain Commission at 734-222-6860. To help prevent future storm drain backups, help keep your neighborhood storm drains clear. When storm drains clog or get overwhelmed, streets turn into rivers and basements can fill with water. Sometimes heavy accumulations of leaves and branches jam the drains, slowing or stopping water from flowing through the grates. If the grate on your street is blocked, use a rake or shovel to clear the debris. Place the waste in a yard debris container or trash can.