About Us

The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) was formed in 1974 when the Charter Township of Ypsilanti and the City of Ypsilanti combined their respective water departments. YCUA provides water and/or wastewater services to portions of eastern Washtenaw County and western Wayne County.

YCUA purchases water from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and distributes it to approximately 120,000 people. In addition to distributing water and providing wastewater collection and treatment to the founding member communities (the Township and City), YCUA also supplies water to and accepts and treats wastewater from Augusta Township, Pittsfield Township, Superior Township, and portions of York Township, Canton Township and Van Buren Township. YCUA also provides wastewater treatment for Sumpter Township and the Western Townships Utilities Authority, which collects wastewater from the Townships of Canton, Plymouth and Northville in Wayne County. YCUA executed a wastewater service contract with Salem Township but is not yet receiving any sewage flow. The total population of the member and all contract communities, both water and wastewater, is almost 328,000 people. The total population of the communities in the YCUA water service area is just over 151,000 people. The YCUA combined water and wastewater service area is shown on Figure 1 with the wastewater-only contract communities shaded orange.

YCUA is responsible for operation and maintenance of the public water supply facilities within the Charter Township of Ypsilanti and the City of Ypsilanti. This includes approximately 24 miles of transmission mains, approximately 345 miles of distribution mains, 6 booster pump stations, 4 ground storage reservoirs with a total capacity of 15 million gallons and 2 elevated storage tanks with a total capacity of 1.25 million gallons.