Community Development Project Plan Review and Fee Schedule

YCUA's Community Development Project Plan Review Fee Schedule was adopted at the YCUA Board of Commissioners meeting of February 17, 2000.

For community development projects located in the City of Ypsilanti and the Charter Township of Ypsilanti, YCUA staff members are involved in all the review activities listed in the YCUA Fee Schedule. For community development projects located in other communities, YCUA staff is typically only involved in one detailed engineering review and processing of permit applications.

Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA)
Attn: Scott Westover, Engineering Manager
2777 State Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48198-9112

Plans and / or permit applications for Community Development Projects will not be reviewed and forwarded to appropriate agencies until the payment for review fees is received at YCUA. Please contact the YCUA Engineering Department at 734.484.4600 ext. 220 or if you have any questions.



Condominium Fee
Preliminary Site Plan $220 + $5/unit
Final Site Plan $120 + $5/unit

Detailed Engineering Review

First Submission (up to 3 reviews) $410 + $5/unit or $10/acre
Additional review beyond 3 $170 + $5/unit or $10/acre
One review for detailed engineering $110 + $5/unit or $10/acre
Water permit application $80
Sanitary sewer permit application $80
Mobile Home Park $220 + $5/unit
Multiple Family Residential $220 + $5/unit
Nonresidential Site Plan $220 + $10/acre

Planned Development

Stage I - Residential $220 + $5/unit
  - Non-residential $220 + $10/acre
Stage II - Residential $220 + $5/unit
  - Non-residential $220 + $10/acre
  - Final Plat $220
Pre-conceptual Meeting $220


1. Tentative Preliminary Plat $220 + $5/unit
    Revised TPP $130 + $5/unit
2. Final Preliminary Plat $120 + $5/unit
3. Final Plat $120 + $5/unit


  1. Scope of review activities of YCUA includes reviewing water supply and wastewater utilities and related permit applications.
  2. Meetings for plan review over the budgeted hours or field inspection hourly charges will be portal-to-portal at a billing rate of the personnel who worked on the project.