Irrigation Meter Policy

A dedicated irrigation meter is a water meter that exclusively meters water used for outdoor watering and irrigation and will reduce wastewater bills because wastewater charges only apply to indoor usage and not to the irrigation meter usage.

YCUA Irrigation (Sprinkler) Meter Policy

  1. The customer desiring an irrigation meter shall pay to YCUA a meter fee in accordance with the current meter fee schedule.
  2. The customer shall rearrange the plumbing so that only the outside fixtures will be metered by the irrigation meter.
  3. The customer shall pay for use of the water on the basis of the current rate schedule. The rate schedule includes minimum billing. No sewage will be billed on the irrigation meter.
  4. Cycle 01: June, August, and October will be regular billing periods for irrigation meters.
  5. Cycle 02: July, September, and November will be regular billing periods for irrigation meters.
  6. Readiness to serve will apply during the above-mentioned cycles and customers with irrigations meters will be billed a minimum bill even if there has been no consumption. Any consumption during the winter months will be included on the first summer billing.
  7. In the event of irrigation restrictions, all persons shall comply with those restrictions. There will be no reduction in minimum charges as a result of irrigation restrictions.
  8. The customer shall notify YCUA in writing prior to permanently (not seasonally) discontinuing use of an irrigation meter.

These schematics are provided in PDF format.
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Sprinkler Meter Application
Residential household meter installation schematic (without irrigation meter)
Residential household meter installation with irrigation meter schematic