Budget Billing Program

Have you ever wished that your water / sewer bills would be consistent each month? If so, then YCUA’s Budget Billing program is for you. Our Budget Billing program allows you to spread the cost of your bills over an entire year. This plan is only available to YCUA customers who have a history of 12 months at the address where you want the account to be budgeted, and the account must be current. If you meet these qualifications, we can add you to the program right away.

Here’s how the program works: 

  • YCUA will calculate the average of your past 6 periods (12 months) to determine what your monthly Budget Billing amount will be for the next 6 cycles (1 year). Any overages / shortages will be spread over the following 6 periods, so your billed amount will continue to be consistent. 
  • After your first 12 months on the program, you will receive a new Budget Billing amount based on your actual water and sewer use charges for the previous 12 months plus the previous year’s shortage, (or overage credit) if necessary. 
    • For example: If your original Budget Billing amount (for water and sewer use) was $100 per month and your actual water and sewer charges over the year totaled an average of $110 per month, your new budget billing will be $120 (the new average of $110 plus $10 “true up” from your previous year). 
Also worth noting, accounts that become delinquent while on the program may be removed from the program, also if for any reason you ask to be removed from the program, you will need to pay the total amount owed on the account by the next due date. To stay current, all you need to do is pay the Total Amount Due each month and once you sign up you will be on your way toward budgeting your monthly utility bills with YCUA’s Budget Billing program! To enroll, or if you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff at (734) 484-4600 option 2.